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At around 9:20 in the morning of April 22, 1884, the Colchester area was at the epicentre of the UK's most destructive earthquake, estimated to have been 5.2 on the Richter Scale, and lasting for about 20 seconds. The quake was felt over much of southern England and into Europe, and over 1,200 buildings were destroyed or damaged.
The Times for Wednesday, April 23 reported damage "in the many villages in the neighbourhood from Colchester to the sea coast",with many poor people made homeless, and estimated the financial cost of the quake at 10,000 pounds sterling. Great damage was also reported in Wivenhoe and Ipswich, and buildings destroyed included Langenhoe church, and the Rose and Crown Inn at Peldon. The death of a child at Rowhedge was also reported.
A copy of the Report on the East Anglian Earthquake of April 22nd 1884 can be found in the Colchester local library.

photographs taken by
Sue McPherson in 2001
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the zoo has some of
the best cat and primate
collections in Europe.
See a White Tiger eye to eye
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Chimpanzees at Chimp World.

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