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mothers with small children please note, this page is inedible

George Studdy and Bonzo the Dog

"I have personally won over....".

Gorilla. Oct. 1967 [click for larger image]
Liberty LBL/LBS83056 mono/stereo

.....and so it was, with that cryptical warning in our ears, we once more began our journey, a journey which at this very moment takes us through a land of complete and utter lunacy and mayhem, courtesey of The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, or if you prefer The Bonzo Dog Band, or if you prefer, The Mrs Betty Rogers Embassy Five, or....if you....well never mind that. Welcome one and all to the inspired lunacy of The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band and those that came before and afterwards

absolutely no rabbits here

inwhich the cat gets the right end of the stick.
Ooloo The Cat by George Studdy

Gorilla. 1967 backcover [click for larger image]
Liberty LBL/LBS83056 1967 mono/stereo

the Ian Kitching take,
and no herds of wild ostriches
here whatsoever
and definitely no rabbits

no...not a bucket of gorillas,
but the fully scanned insert booklet 
from the Bonzo's classic L.P
a word of warning
alot of this site is in Japanese.
the graphics, though, are wonderful
and not a single mention of  rabbits

in the same series as
the Booklet of Gorilla
the same conditions and
recommendations apply is not edible, despite
continued mentioning of doughnuts
nope, no rabbits here either

the Bonzos, Neil Innes,
the world, and other related idiocies
and no rabbits


Monty Python mega silliness [get it here]

related lunacy links

never knowingly over-rehearsed
and the lunacy contiues. and, Louise,
it's all your fault....

The Bonzos were the
resident band on this
precursor of
Monty Python's Flying Circus,
also starring the newcomers
to TV, Eric Idle, Terry Jones,
Michael Palin, David Jason
and Denise Coffey.

when you think extremely silly
what do you think of?
well, we mean apart from THAT!

"If there was any influence at
all [on The Bonzo's]
it would be The Alberts or
-Vivian Stanshall
The Alberts were the first
of the anarchists
music groups and had to
be seen/heard to be believed!

two Rutles links
one official the other not

says it all, doesn't it?

The Rutles are
A legend, a living legend 
that will live long after
other living legends have died.
 the semi-legendary Prefab Four
who made the sixties what
they are today!

The character 'Bonzo' is
the estate of George Studdy

 The Albion Chronicles Website is 
All Rights Reserved