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There's Folks and Then There's.....

 'A Dear Lover of Songs'
Rev. Sabine Baring - Gould 1834 - 1924

Well, then there's this, not just folk or the folk, but odds and ends from all over, to make up a compendium, a patchwork quilt, of doings related, of course, to England. A number of the links do appear elsewhere, on other of our websites, and we hope that in sampling them here, you'll want to go and see what those afore mentioned sites are all about. People, places, buildings, historical societies, history itself, time and place, that theme that runs constantly through our websites, and of course, the pictures, they're part of it too, and they also, in most cases, provide links and signposts, pointing, you, the vistor in a certain direction, hopefull an enjoyable and instructive one, for after all, that's what this is really all about, that none stop quest for learning and knowledge, most if not all of it, related to the past, or as the title of that wonderful Albion Band album puts it, and as we've put it, elsewhere, Before Us Stands Yesterday. A classic example of the variety of places we visit is to be found just below this text, see it, there? 45rpm. It's an incredible website all about ...well all about 45's, and the artists that recorded them, plus a history of the 45, plus singers biographies, and  something called Obscure Artists Discographies, there's alot to see there, we know, we've been to the site many times. To start you off, we're giving you a sampling of what you'll find at 45rpm.
Oh look! Here comes the local bus, and well, you know what that means, it's time we were off again..................

45 rpm classic UK 45's, singles and ep's

best known for their 45 Telstar
an interesting side light.
Clem Cattini, The Tornados drummer
appears on an incredible version
of Telstar performed by
The Ashley Hutchings Big Beat Combo
don't ask.........

Hedgehog Pie. 1974 [click for larger image]

Hedgehog Pie

Jed Grimes (back row on guitar) gave us some details...
Line-up: Front row: Martin Jenkins, cello mandolin (later of Bert Jansch Band, Whippersnapper); Margi Luckley, vocals (living somewhere on South coast, I hear); Mick Doonan flute (Doonan Family Band);
Back two: Jed Grimes, guitar (later of Doonan Family Band, Pacamax, solo and now The Hush); Stu Luckley, bass (Doonan Family Band).
"That pic was taken at Birmingham Rep, Christmas '74. The band had written and were performing the music for a seasonal play The Magic Island by Keith Dewhurst (he also wrote plays involving the Albion Band at that time)."

Photo source: Birmingham Public Libraries

Dagenham Roundhouse 1971;
Stockholm 1971; Little Hadham 1971;
Stockholm A ragbag
of photos, good, bad, and downright
ugly... and other divers and
miscellaneous Fairport photo sites,
for you viewing pleasure and edification

Dave Pegg, Dave Mattacks,
Dave Swarbrick and Roger Hill
playing "The Hanging Song"
from Babbacombe Lee, on
'The Old Grey Whistle Test' in 1972.

Fylde Guitars

Through The Mill to The Fylde Folk

Welcome to the
 Birmingham Heritage Website,
brought to you by
Birmingham Heritage Forum

Digital Handsworth is a
multimedia resource guide
to the history of the community
focussed on the
ancient parish of Handsworth.

not sure if we've mentioned
this lot before, but if we didn't
we have now.
Swarbs nephew Simon Swarbrick
plays fiddle

The magazine for folk music
in Lincolnshire & East Yorkshire.
and very helpful folks they are too!

Now over 40 years old,
the Society has more
than 250 members,
and going from
strength to strength

keeping the past alive

Martin Nail's
Folk Music web site
you want to know about
folk and the folks?
this is the place to go

The West Midlands was home
to many people who contributed
to its importance during
the Industrial Revolution.

Our Heritage in Danger
an extensive digital archive,
featuring outstanding material
depicting the cultural history
and heritage of the county.
Material is drawn from
collections held by
institutions and private
individuals across the county

rated by many of the Artistes
who perform here as
"The best of its kind in Europe!"
to be found in Birmingham.

To enable those interested
in Sabine Baring-Gould and
his work, to share their
enthusiasm and to spread
that enthusiasm among others

This organisation, based in the
centre of the United Kingdom,
comprises over 60 clubs who
are promoting and performing
traditional British folk music and dance

This is a wonderful website
filled with info about
the music, artists and
happenings in the
traditional music world:

"Windows on Warwickshire" is a
web-based project that aims
to promote access to
Warwickshire's rich cultural
and heritage assets

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