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Songs Of Departure and Return

Tall Ship

Not just songs though, tales too, arriving, leaving, the sundering of a beloved couple and their joyous reunion. One song that truly encapsulates these themes is the traditional song, John Riley. A number of records, do, of course exist, three that immediately come to mind are by The Byrds, a solo performance by Roger McGuinn and an absolutely stunning performance by Show of Hands. The lyrics to the McGuinn version can be found on the right hand side of the page, along with a link to Roger McGuinn's website and jukebox and a link to the Show of Hands version, which can be found on their official website.

The Press Gangs
In Britain, press gangs roamed the towns and countryside picking up able-bodied men and forcing them into sea duty. In many cases, the victims were drunk at the time of impressment. Wives and children were often left in the dark as to their husband's or father's whereabouts until a letter or rumor reached them. However on occasion history records that these same people actually fought back and prevented the press gangs from taling their loved ones away to sea

John Riley

Fair young maid all in her garden
Strange young man come riding by
Saying fair young maid will you marry me?
And this dear sir was her reply

Oh no dear sir I cannot marry thee
For I've a love who sails the deep salt sea
Though he's been gone for seven years
Still no man shall marry me

What if he's died all in some battle slain?
Or if he's drownded in the deep salt sea
What if he's found another love
He and his new love both married be?

Well if he's died all in some battle slain
Or if he's drownded in the deep salt sea
I'll remember his good name
And still no man shall marry me.

And if he's found some other love
He and his true love both married be
I wish them health and happiness
Where they now live all across the sea

He picked her up all in his arms
And kisses gave her one two and three
Saying weep no more my own true love
For I'm your long lost John Riley
Saying weep no more my own true love
For I'm your long lost John Riley

a very strange and dreadful tale indeed

St. Austell, Cornwall

an article from
The Ordnance Survey Guide
by Richard Platt

Our ancestors showed a keen
interest in shipwrecks along
the Westcountry coast. Passive
onlookers they were not and
on stormy nights as soon as
word spread that a ship was
likely to come ashore the
locals gathered on the beaches,
not as a rule to assist in the
saving of lives, but rather to see
 what goods they could steal, and
you know what? they sometimes
even caused the wreck by shutting
off the lights that guided
the ships to safe harbour

Press Gangs

from the late 18th  and early
19th centuries

Early Eighteenth-Century
Newspaper Reports
compiled by Rictor Norton

 a remembrance from an issue
of the Liverpool Mercury dated 1913

news and views from the
Westcountry of England

Albion Sunrise1994-1999
CMDDD843 (2 CD, UK, January 2004)

Sources: CD 1

Tracks 1, 10 Julie Matthews (Circuit Music)
Track 2 Phil Beer, Ashley Hutchings (Albino Music)
Track 3 Francois Villon, Phil Beer (Copyright Control)
Track 4 Ashley Hutchings, Wood (Albino Music)
Track 5 Trad. arr. Nick Jones, Ashley Hutchings, Chris While
Track 6 Chris While, Ashley Hutchings
Tracks 7a, 8 Ashley Reed
Track 7b Steve Knightley
Tracks 9, 14 Julie Matthews, Chris While (Circuit Music)
Track 11 Ashley Hutchings, Chris While (Really Wicked / Circuit Music)
Tracks 12, 17 Chris While (Circuit Music)
Track 13 Ashley Hutchings, Julie Matthews (Really Wicked / Circuit Music)
Track 15 Chris Leslie (Paternoster Music)
Track 16 Ashley Hutchings (Really Wicked); with words from William Shakespeare's play Richard II in the final verse

Sources: CD 2

Tracks 1, 5 Ashley Hutchings, Ken Nicol (Really Wicked / Kenneth Stephen Nicol)
Tracks 2, 11 Joe Broughton (Copyright Control)
Track 3 John Tams (Copyright Control)
Track 4 Ashley Hutchings, Joe Broughton (Really Wicked / Copyright Control)
Track 6 Ashley Hutchings, Ken Nicol (Albino Music / Kenneth Stephen Nicol)
Track 7 Richard Thompson
Track 8 Ken Nicol (Copyright Control)
Track 9 Ashley Hutchings, Gillie Nicholls (Albino Music / Copyright Control)
Track 10 Gillie Nicholls (Copyright Control)
Track 12 Ashley Hutchings, Gillie Nicholls, Ken Nicol (Albino Music / Copyright Control)
Track 13 Joe Broughton, Ashley Hutchings, Kellie While (Copyright Control / Albino Music)
Track 14 Trad. arr. Joe Broughton (Albino Music)
Track 15 Joe Broughton, Ashley Hutchings (Albino Music)


This is a compilation of six CDs and a CD single from the HTD record label published between 1993 and 1999.

Ashley Hutchings The Guv'nor

CD 1

From Captured (1994):

  1. Ball, Anchor and Chain (4:00)
  2. Yellow Dress (4:29)
  3. Set Their Mouths to Twisting (2:30)
  4. Hanging Tree (3:11)

From Acousticity (1993):

  1. Flandyke Shore (3:35)
  2. Head-Smashed-In-Buffalo-Jump (3:46)
  3. Fastnet Rock / Man of War (6:02)
  4. Fiddle on the Washboard (6:10)

From Albion Heart (1995):

  1. Albion Heart (4:51)
  2. Colours of Love (3:33)
  3. Close Your Eyes (3:10)
    (Composed for the TV series Ridgeriders)
  4. Gypsy (4:54)

From Demi Paradise (1996):

  1. Ivory Tower (3:02)
  2. Young Man Cut Down in His Prime (4:23)
  3. Jigs: The Switchback / The New Book / The Slippery Slope (2:57)
  4. This Blessed Plot (5:22)
  5. Circle Round the Sun (4:42)

CD 2

From Happy Accident (1998):

  1. Coming Home to Me (4:07)
  2. The Landslide (5:07)
  3. Hearts of Coal (5:12)
  4. Death Is Just a Dream #1 (4:25)
  5. Death Is Just a Dream #2 (5:16)

From the single Wings (1998):

  1. Wings (4:26)
  2. Shine on Love (3:29)
  3. Ken's Hornpipes (5:06)

From Before Us Stands Yesterday (1999):

  1. The Potter's Dream (5:02)
  2. Listen to the Wind (4:25)
  3. Bedtime at Bryn Rhodyn (5:30)
  4. Welcome to the World (5:19)

From Christmas Album (1999):

  1. Mistletoe, Mistletoe (3:44)
  2. As Joseph Was A-Walking (2:51)
  3. The Star (4:07)

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